Youth Forum 2001 Association in Razgrad is a social services provider registered in the Social Assistance Agency to MLSP and State Agency for Child Protection license. Youth Forum 2001 has extensive experience in implementing projects related to rehabilitation and social integration of people with disabilities and young offenders.

Youth Forum 2001 accomplishes projects for young offenders:; organized advocacy campaign for people with disabilities, promoting European values:; gives new opportunities for young people from ethnic minorities.

The Association operates Centre for young law-breakers since 2004. The organization has developed local methodology for working with young offenders - all the necessary documents, procedures, codes and tools for monitoring and evaluation. Youth Forum 2001 has a wide network of specialists who have worked on our projects - two psychologists, seven social workers, ten teachers, speech therapist, defectologist, physiotherapist and others.

Association is accomplished over 30 projects and activities aimed by youth issues in the field with a total budget of 300 000 BGN, Bulgarian and financed by international donors. For more information:

n important part of the activities of the Youth Forum 2001 is social work and support of vulnerable groups. Since its establishment more than 10 years the organization mostly works for socialization of children at risk, young offenders and people with disabilities. The organization gain significant experience and capacity of social service with over 10 successful implemented projects in the social area.

The main focus of the activity is the special attention to improve the situation of the disabled people in the region. In this case there were several important initiatives. For example, in 2006 we accomplished a project for people with disabilities in Razgrad. As a result of the Civil committee, created for people with disabilities, the Municipal Council - Razgrad adopted a Program of Equal Opportunities 2006-2009.