YOUTH FORUM 2001 is a non-profit legal entity. The Association was registered in December 10, 1998, and re-registered on 21.06.2001.

Our organization is a voluntary association of young people with a positive purpose. We are very enthusiastic and ambitious young people, united by the idea of positive and continuous development of our generation. We wish to socialize with the surrounding world and to actively take part in the social processes.

Youth Forum 2001 for the first time in Razgrad creates a local model for social impact and prevention of children at risk in the late 90s of last century.

We have established close relations with all the relevant institutions to the problem - court, police, prosecutor office, Regional Inspectorate in the Ministry of the education, youth and knowledge, schools, NGOs, social services and the Municipality of Razgrad. Media in the region know very well our work and regularly publish objective information for activities and results on our projects. However, the most important is the public confidence. For more than 10 years of association, over 2000 young people and their families are included in its activities and have won the position of one of the most recognizable and respected NGOs in the region.

Youth Forum 2001 knows very well the problems of young people from different ethnic minorities, has extensive experience in working with children at risk and vulnerable groups, and has experience in organizing advocacy campaigns. The organization has built an extensive network of volunteers and external consultants and is a licensed provider of social services.

Youth Forum 2001 is registered as a social services provider in the Social Assistance Agency in 2003., Re-registration Certificate 307-04/08.10.2009g.- for Centre for Social Rehabilitation and Integration of Children, Certificate 307-01/08.10 0.2009 on - Social Assistant for the elderly, Certificate 307-02 - "Personal Assistant for the elderly people. Certificate 307-03 - "Domestic helper for the elderly people, Certificate 307-05 - "Centre for Social Rehabilitation and Integration of the elderly people.

On March 9, 2004. Youth Forum 2001 Association - Razgrad obtains a license for the provision of Day Centre for young offenders issued by the State Agency for Child Protection by the Council of Ministers. In the spring of 2009. license was renewed under 0413 from 11.05.2009 for the social service Centre for social rehabilitation and integration of children.

Foreign Aid Ratings assigns BB rating to Youth Forum 2001 (November 2003), a community-based youth organization building social capital. Our organization has been selected to be part a of pilot project with only three more NGOs from India, Ghana and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Young people between 18 and 35 years old are participating in the organization. The participants who are between 14 and 25 years old are members of the youth section of the association: Youth Forum 2001 Civil Movement.

OUR MISSION as a structured youth forum is to improve the social role of young people in Razgrad.

OUR VISION is to achieve equality for all social and ethnic groups by providing young people with opportunities for participating actively according to their interests in a motivating and positive atmosphere.

OUR GOAL is to ensure advocacy and realization of human rights and to promote tolerance, understanding, and opportunities of building the capacity of the civic sector through trainings and exchange of ideas and information.

The organization renting an entire floor of eastern wing of kindergarten in the town of Tsar Kaloyan, with a total area of 160 square meters. The property consists of 2 rooms, bathroom and hallway. By decision 31 in Protocol 4/20.07.2009 from a meeting of the Municipal Council of Tsar Kaloyan, the property has been granted for temporary use without charge for 10 years. A contract with number 121/06.10.2009 was signed for establishing a right of free use on real estate - private municipal property, which is registered at the Registry of District Court - Razgrad. Youth Forum 2001 has a contract for legal services by the law firm.

Members and volunteers of Youth Forum 2001 work in cooperation with representatives of minority groups in our town. Our organization provides disadvantaged children and teenagers free access to computers. We possess precious experience in computer and language training, as well as a discussion club in English. One of our greatest priorities is to get children acquainted with Word, Excel, and other computer programs. We also enable them to use the Internet. Through the activities we conduct, we aim to improve their language skills and expand their computer literacy. Through the four computers, which are available at the office of Youth Forum 2001, we are able to encourage children to keep in touch with their peers, to expand their outlook of the world, and to keep up with the latest innovations from all over the world.

Members, volunteers, and the Managing Board of Youth Forum 2001 put a joint effort into the implementation of various priorities such as dealing with the problems of society, minority groups, environment etc. The computers are very helpful in our efforts make a positive effect on the surrounding communities. Currently, we are working diligently on our library with the help of youth volunteers who are arranging, categorizing, and organizing the books.

We are active young people motivated by the implementation of our dreams and plans. It is interesting for us to work on projects. Our contribution to the common welfare, social activeness, and the right for equal opportunity endows us with real pleasure. We are striving to help our peers and society establish relations that are based on equality. Our existence is based on the necessity of active, responsible actions designed for the improvement of social engagement and the establishment of youth authority.

Our advantage is that we work TOGETHER!